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The <b>official Times of India app</b> brings you the best news reading experience on the go and keeps you informed on happenings from India and around the World. Download the Times of India app on your smart phone and read news, watch live TV, photos, videos & more from across the globe - anywhere, anytime!


• Briefs – For those who read news in a hurry enjoy articles in a short and crisp format and stay updated with the latest news on the go, quick!

• Morning and Evening Updates – Get updates every morning and evening and catch up on the latest news and happenings of the day with our smart updates feature.

• Live TV – Watch as it happens! Catch the live coverage of all breaking news, business and Bollywood news on Times Now, ET Now and Zoom Live TV along with audio right on the app!

• Latest and Trending News – Get the latest and trending news updates from India & around the world.

• Offline Reading – Read news in offline mode even without internet coverage using the offline reading feature.

• Bookmark Articles – Did a story catch your interest? Now bookmark articles and news stories via the bookmark feature and read it at a later point in time.

• Customize Notifications – You can not only choose to control the time and frequency of your notifications but also receive them based on your interests!

• Night Mode Reading – Don’t stress your eyes anymore! Use the Black and Sepia themes built in the app to have a pleasant reading experience even in poor lighting conditions.

• Fonts – Choose a font size that best suits you and enhances your app experience

• Swipe for Next – Swipe left & right for reading stories seamlessly and for a faster reading experience!

• Save Data – Download images only when you want to. Download them based on your preferred network settings (Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G)

• Share – Like a story? Share it with your friends and loved ones using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email & more!


• The Times of India live news app offers everything that an avid news reader is looking for – breaking news, latest headlines, trending stories and in-depth coverage of sports, cricket, entertainment, business and technology

• From India news to world news, political news to cricket news, technology news to Bollywood news and movie reviews of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional films – get the most relevant coverage of celebrity news

• Get the latest news and updates related to Elections, Union Budget, Railway Budget, Narendra Modi government, ICC T20 and stories related to our neighbours- Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh

• Also available is the vivid photo gallery of famous Bollywood celebrities, industrialists, politicians, sports person and events / parties that are talk of the town and page 3 parties in magazines.

• Daily video updates from the world of news, entertainment, sports, cricket, lifestyle, business, technology; from India and across the world

• Get exhaustive news coverage from more than 45 Indian cities

• A special section has been created for our NRI users across the world who enjoy reading the TOI app for news from India & abroad.

The Times of India app is India’s premier news app and is used by over 18 million users in India & abroad. Our users read news on the TOI app with access from more than 225 countries of the world. It is the first choice Indians & NRI’s alike for news about India & the world.

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Please get in touch with us to share your valuable feedback, ideas & get help using the app. If you enjoy using the app, do give us a 5 star rating!

Email us on: <a href="mailto:toi.android@timesinternet.in">toi.android@timesinternet.in</a>

Privacy Policy: <a href="https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttp://www.indiatimes.com/privacypolicy/%26sa%3DD%26usg%3DAFQjCNG6ZX-s7t0qdmxrV6rf7myOH8Oytw&sa=D&usg=AFQjCNF6OueJQbcHl5DkMmt2a3E3s8q8Tg" target="_blank">http://www.indiatimes.com/privacypolicy/</a>

</div> <div jsname="WJz9Hc" style="display:none">印度应用的<b>官方时报为您带来在旅途中最好的新闻阅读体验,让您随时对来自印度和世界各地的精彩通知。下载您的智能手机上的应用程序印度的时代,阅读新闻,观看直播电视,照片,视频和来自世界各地的更多 - 随时随地!

<b>快速浏览一下TOI APP功能

•简报 - 对于那些谁赶时间阅读新闻享受短暂而清晰的格式文章,留在旅途的最新消息更新,快!

•早晨和傍晚更新 - 每天早晚获取更新和追赶的最新消息和当天的发生的事情与我们的智能更新功能。

•直播电视 - 观看,因为它发生!捕获所有重大新闻,商业和宝莱坞新闻在时报现场报道现在,现在和缩放电视直播以及音频对上的应用程序ET!

•最新和趋势新闻 - 获取来自印度和世界各地的最新趋势和新闻更新。

•离线阅读 - 阅读在离线模式下的新闻即使不使用离线阅读功能,网络覆盖范围。

•收藏文章 - 难道一个故事引起你的兴趣?现在,通过书签功能书签的文章和新闻报道,并在以后的某个时间阅读。

•自定义通知 - 您不仅可以选择来控制您的通知的时间和频率,也接受他们根据自己的兴趣!

•夜间模式阅读 - 不要强调你的眼睛了!利用内置应用中的黑色和棕褐色的主题,甚至在恶劣的照明条件下愉快的阅读体验。

•字体 - 选择字体大小最适合你和增强你的应用体验

•滑动的下一步 - 左右滑动的无缝阅读的故事和更快的阅读体验!

•保存数据 - 只有当你要下载的图像。下载他们根据您的首选网络设置(无线网络,2G,3G,4G)

•分享 - 像一个故事?使用Facebook,微博,WhatsApp的,电子邮件和更多的朋友和亲人分享吧!

<b> TOI APP的一些特性

•印度新闻直播应用的时代提供了一个狂热的新闻阅读器正在寻找一切 - 最新新闻,最新的头条新闻,趋势报道和深入的运动,板球,娱乐,商务和技术覆盖

•从印度新闻国际新闻,板球新闻时政新闻,科技新闻,以宝莱坞,好莱坞和地区电影的宝莱坞新闻和电影评论 - 获得名人新闻的最相关报道

•获取有关选举,联邦预算,预算铁路,莫迪政府,ICC T20和故事与我们的neighbours-巴基斯坦,尼泊尔,孟加拉国的最新消息和更新






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